Three Things To Keep In Mind When Going To A Plant Nursery

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Plant nurseries can be quite exhilarating to visit, especially for those who consider themselves green thumbs, as there are a plethora of plants to look at ranging from the basic to the beautiful. However, to ensure that you don't get overwhelmed when shopping at a plant nursery, it is important that you go in with realistic expectations of what to look for and what you need. Otherwise, you are simply setting yourself up for failure. So, before you shell out a few hundred dollars on plants from every part of the world, here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your trip is going to be worth it in the long run.

When Does The Plant Flower

If you are getting a flowering plant, then be careful that you know when exactly it will be flowering and looking its best. Some flowers and plants actually look better in winter conditions, and so right now, they have vibrant colours and explosive leaves and growth. You might expect this to carry on over into summer or even get better in the warmer temperatures, but that is most likely not the case. Before you buy a plant, look up when it flowers so you know when to prepare for it to do so. 

Environmental Standards

Some plants cannot live for very long in the shade. Others require very firm soil and few plants around it to compete with. Many others have no strict requirements at all and can flourish in virtually any garden across the world. The plants at a plant nursery might look like they can grow anywhere, but that is because they are very carefully looked after by the staff there. Before buying, you might want to ask one of these assistants what conditions this plant favours and how to look after it as well as they did. They will only be too happy to help and that will make sure you get the right plants for your garden.


If you get more than a few plants, then you might want to get them delivered to your door by the plant nursery themselves. This feature often costs a little bit extra, but it means that all your plants will get to your address safely, in the condition you originally saw them in. There is no danger of them getting smushed, broken or torn in the backseat or boot of your car. Many people overestimate just how strong plants can be during transport, as they have none of their normal safety measures to protect them, so don't risk ruining your plants before you even get them home.

Check out a local plant nursery to get started.