An Examination Of The Various Types Of Skylights Available For Installation

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In the realm of home improvement, the installation of skylights is often considered. Skylights are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, serving to increase natural light and improve ventilation in a home. The variety of skylights available on the market is vast, with each type offering unique features and benefits. An examination of these various types will be conducted in this article.

Firstly, fixed skylights are permanently sealed and cannot be opened. They are designed solely for the purpose of allowing more light into a space. For rooms that require no additional ventilation but could benefit from extra sunlight, such as stairwells or attics, these are an ideal choice.

Next, vented skylights can be opened either manually or electronically. They are designed to provide both light and ventilation. For bathrooms and kitchens, where excess moisture may be a problem, vented skylights are recommended.

Thirdly, tubular skylights are compact and easy to install. A small, cylindrical tube is used to funnel sunlight from the roof into a room. For smaller spaces or rooms without direct roof access, tubular skylights are a perfect solution.

Lastly, the custom skylight can be designed to fit any size, shape or style required. For homeowners who have specific design requirements or for those who are working with an unusual space, a custom skylight is the best option.

The material of the skylight is another aspect that warrants consideration. Glass skylights are typically more expensive, but they offer better clarity and are more resistant to scratching. On the other hand, plastic skylights are cheaper and less likely to shatter, but they can become discoloured over time.

It is also important to note the various glazing options available. Single glazing is the most basic, but it offers less insulation and is more prone to condensation. Double glazing provides better insulation and is more energy-efficient, while triple glazing offers the highest level of insulation and is best for colder climates.

A variety of skylights are available for installation, each offering unique advantages and suited to different requirements. Whether it is a fixed or vented skylight or a tubular or custom design, the choice will depend on the homeowner's needs. This examination has hopefully provided valuable insights into these various types of skylights and will aid homeowners in making an informed decision.

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