Two Reasons Why Homeowners Often Rent Storage Units Before Renovating Their Properties

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Are you interested in renting a storage unit? Here are two reasons why homeowners often rent storage units before they begin renovating their properties.

To store renovation supplies that they need to use during the later stages of their renovations   

Renovating several areas of a home usually requires the use of a lot of construction materials. If a homeowner buys everything they need in preparation for their renovations, they may decide to store some of these supplies, which they won't need to use until the later stages of their project, in a storage unit. This could ensure that these construction materials, many of which could be bulky, will not get in the way when the homeowner or their contractor is working in the home and could also ensure that they have enough space in which to keep their tools.

Even more importantly, keeping these materials in a storage unit will protect them from damage until the homeowner is ready to use them. This is because those who operate storage facilities will always ensure that their units are free of dampness, pests, mould and other contaminants that could damage common renovation materials like timber or rolls of wallpaper. The units available at these facilities are also very secure, and the premises themselves are also usually protected by alarm systems, security cameras and security guards; this means that any expensive building materials that a person puts into one of these units will be safe. In contrast, if a homeowner stowed these bigger items in, for example, their uninsulated and inadequately secured garage or garden shed until they needed them, these materials could get damp, get attacked by pests, get mouldy or be stolen.

To store items that need to be removed during the renovations, that have a high resale value

When a homeowner has their property renovated, they may decide to remove features that are in good condition and have a high resale value, because they don't like the look of these things. This might include things like marble benchtops or an antique fireplace. In this situation, they might, after their contractor has removed these items, decide to put them into a storage unit until they are ready to sell them. 

As mentioned, storage units are a safe place to store anything of value, due to how secure storage facilities are. Furthermore, if a homeowner places these high-value items in a clean and dry storage unit immediately after the contractor removes them, instead of leaving them in their home for the remainder of the renovations, they wouldn't need to worry about these valuable things getting splattered with wallpaper adhesive or plaster, nor would they need to be concerned about all of the dust from the building work getting engrained into the surface of each item. This, in turn, would mean that the resale value of these items wouldn't drop, due to them getting damaged.