Using Flowers and Plants in the Bedroom and Bathroom

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The beauty of flowers isn't just for bed gardens! Flowers and plants are a great way to make your home feel instantly more beautiful, and with the right blooms, it can really liven up a room. Whether you want an earthy look for your décor or you want some colour in your apartment that makes the whole house feel brighter, flowers are the perfect way to do it. This article explores the different types of flowers and plants that work well in different rooms around your home.

The bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is where you rest and relax, after all, so it needs to feel welcoming and at ease. This means that a flower arrangement in the bedroom isn't just about beauty — it is also about comfort. A colourful flower arrangement in a vase tucked away on a windowsill can really make a difference, while a blooming bright plant makes your room feel brighter.

A few coco plants are also perfect for this room: they not only give off an earthy feel, but they also brighten up an otherwise monotonous space with their vibrant green leaves and puffy stems, making them ideal for this room.

For a more floral feel, try out a combination of different blooms. Roses can be quite romantic, while bright pink peonies are also great for this room. If you want something that is more unlikely for a bedroom, try an arrangement with strong-scented flowers like lilies — the scent will instantly make the room feel fresher and more relaxed.

The bathroom

The bathroom is another place where you want your flowers to be able to withstand damp conditions as much as possible. Geraniums are once again perfect for this room: they thrive in warm and sunny conditions and have beautiful blooms that give off a light, floral fragrance.

If you have a spot in your bathroom that gets the most steam, try out a vase with some ferns. Ferns are known to absorb water via their fronds, and this will keep the rest of the bathroom's interior dry, making this spot much easier to use. 

Using flowers to decorate your home isn't just about being pretty — it also helps to make your home feel more relaxed and welcoming, making it much easier for you to settle into your everyday life. If you'd like more info, contact a local florist today.