Two reasons why it's essential to use an interstate removals service for an interstate house move

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If you need to carry out an interstate house move, you shouldn't do it alone but should instead use an interstate removals service. Here is why.

Interstate moves are harder and riskier than intrastate house moves

An interstate move is not only harder to plan and carry out but also tends to be riskier than an intrastate move. If it will take several days of driving for you to reach your new home, the chances of something happening to your belongings or your vehicle will be high.

However, you can mitigate many of the risks that come with this difficult type of house move if you hand over the reins to an interstate removals firm, as they'll not only know what could go wrong with this type of house move but will also know how to easily remedy any issue that occurs because they'll have experienced it before.

For example, whilst you might simply put your items in your rented truck and never bother to check on these items again until you've got to your new home and are ready to unload everything, interstate removalists will know that it's necessary to periodically check on their clients' boxes in the moving van to ensure that they're all still strapped down and securely taped. This is because during a long drive over undulating terrains, the straps securing the client's furniture may loosen. Likewise, if it's very hot out, the tape adhesive on the boxes might soften and cause the tape to come undone.

Handling this on your own will take all the fun out of moving into a wonderful new home

Moving to a beautiful new home in another state will be far less exciting and joyful than it should be if you handle it on your own. Dealing with the logistics of planning a complex route, booking accommodation if you need to stay somewhere overnight during the journey, driving a big rented vehicle that you might not be used to handling across long distances and coping with the exhaustion of unloading everything after driving for several days may result in you being totally worn out.

As such, instead of spending the first day or two excitedly experimenting with furniture layouts and deciding where to hang your artwork, you'll probably need to spend it sleeping and recovering amidst a huge stack of boxes, dismantled furniture and bags. If you want to cherish this special experience of getting familiar with this new home, you should let the removalists take over and handle the hardest parts of the move for you.

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