Two Tips for Those Who Want to Install Venetian Blinds on Their French Doors

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Fitting Venetian blinds on your French doors is a great way to create privacy in the room that these doors lead to without making the room too dark. Here are some tips to bear in mind if you do this.

Get the installer to fit a clip-in frame onto the door for the blinds

When you contact a Venetian blinds installation specialist, you should ask them to fit clip-in frames for the blinds onto each of the French doors. These frames will be smaller than that of each door's own frame and will sit close to the edges of their glass panes.

Whilst the installer could just attach the blinds' valances to the top of the door frame (or to the wall directly above it) this would result in the blinds hanging loosely over each door's glass pane. If you use these doors regularly, this could quickly become irritating, as the blinds will swing away from the panes each time you open or close the door and will potentially catch on your clothing or scratch your exposed skin each time this happens. Furthermore, installing them in this manner would involve drilling holes into either the frame of the French doors or the wall above them. If you ever take down the blinds in the future, you would then have to repair these holes.

Conversely, if the installer uses the special frames that feature clip-in brackets, he or she won't need to use a drill and the blinds will fit snugly inside these frames. Once they are in place, you'll be able to adjust the slats' angles but the blinds as a whole will not swing in any direction when the doors are in motion.

Give other household members a heads-up about the installation

You should let any family members who are due to return home during this installation know what time it will be occurring and you should tell them that they'll need to avoid using the French doors during this period. The reason for this is as follows: these doors will need to be kept closed whilst the installer is fitting the frame and the blinds. If someone barges through them whilst the installer is working, the installer may drop one of the blind's components or fall off their ladder. Giving your household members a heads up will also ensure that, before the blinds have been put in place and are laid out on the floor near the doors, there will be no chance of anyone accidentally stepping on them as they walk through the room. This, in turn, will mean the completion of installation won't have to be postponed.