What Are the Benefits of Underfloor Heating in Bathrooms?

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Underfloor heating has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is easy to understand why when you consider that it is frequently a more efficient way of heating a building than other heating systems. That said, fitting underfloor heating is not easy unless you are undergoing a complete remodelling project of your home or building an entirely new structure, such as an extension. The exemption to this rule of thumb is bathrooms where under tile heating can be fitted relatively simply when redecorating. Why is fitting under tile heating such a good idea in both bathrooms and en-suites?

Take the Chill Off

If you are removing the old flooring from your bathroom when you redecorate it, then it is the ideal time to fit a new underfloor heating system. New tiles can be laid directly over the top of the heating element which will coil its way back and forth under the whole of the room. What's great about under tile heating once it has been fitted is that it will mean stepping into your bathroom or en-suite never feels cold underfoot ever again. It will also mean that chilly tiles don't attract condensation in the way that windows often do, thereby keeping your bathroom free from unwanted damp.

Uniform Heating

Because under tile heating will heat the entire floor, you will obtain a very even distribution of heat. Once a floor tile has heated up sufficiently, it will start to act like a storage heater and go on to heat the air above it. Because all of the floor tiles in your bathroom will act in this way, there will be no 'cold spots' in your room. This is in stark contrast to wall-mounted radiators and heated towel rails which tend to only warm one part of the room leaving other areas feeling cold.

Create More Room

When you are refitting a bathroom with a new three-piece suite, there is always some compromise on space that has to be made. Most bathrooms are not hugely luxuriant places where you can enjoy lots and lots of space. En-suites are frequently even more pushed for space. However, with under tile heating fitted, you won't have to include a radiator which will take up wall space, leaving you with more room to play with and, even better, more configuration possibilities for things like bathtubs and shower enclosures than you would otherwise have enjoyed.

To learn more about under tile heating, contact a contractor near you.