How to Choose Between Inside Mount Blinds and Outside Mount Blinds

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Before you purchase new blinds for your windows, you have to consider several things, such as style. One very important consideration that some homeowners forget to take into account is mount style. You can choose to install inside mount blinds or outside mount blinds. The two styles offer unique benefits.

Inside mount blinds hang inside the window frame while outside mount blinds hang outside the frame, and so can be longer and wider than the window. How you choose between the two mount styles depends on your specific needs and wants.

Consider Flexibility

Of the two styles, an outside mount is the most flexible. This is because the window frame's size and width won't limit your style choices. As a result, you'll be able to choose from a wide array of styles. Outside mounted blinds won't limit the size of your blinds either, provided you have enough space. And this will allow you the flexibility to hide imperfections, such as poor workmanship or mould.

Think About Light

How much light do you want to allow into your rooms? Inside mount blinds usually work well in bathrooms and kitchens, where more light is important. With an inside mounted blind, more light streams through the sides of the blind.

But in rooms that you prefer to keep darker during the day, such as bedrooms, outside mounts are better. When it comes time to put your children down for a nap, outside mount blinds will help you create a more comfortable environment.

Analyze Space

Space too is an important consideration when choosing between these styles. If you have little space on either side of your windows, then outside mount blinds will be impractical. Inside mount blinds would be better if space is limited.

But inside mount blinds also need space since they are closer to the window than outside mount blinds are. As a result, if the window latch projects too far outwards, it might prevent you from installing inside mount blinds.

Calculate Energy Costs

Of the two styles, inside mount blinds will save you more money on your energy bills. For instance, inside mount roller blinds would help you cut down on your energy bills, slightly, because they are closer to the glass. This means that they'll reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Are you about to purchase new window blinds for your home? Then be sure to consider the above points when choosing between inside mount and outside mount blinds.