Two tips for those who are furnishing their newly-converted loft bedroom

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If you have just finished turning your old loft into a bedroom and are now in the midst of furnishing this newly-converted area of your home, the advice described here could help you with this step of the transformation process.

Buy a rolled-up mattress if the entry to the loft is a narrow pull-down staircase

In order to save space and money, many people who convert their homes' lofts will often fit pull-down stairs instead of fixed staircases. If this is what you have chosen to do, and the entryway to which these stairs are connected is quite narrow, then you should be careful about your choice of mattress, particularly if you are planning to use one that is very large, such as a super king.

In this situation, you should look for mattresses that come tightly-rolled in a compact shape, which are designed to unroll and decompress after they are unwrapped. The reason for this is that, whilst a large mattress that is delivered in a flat, unrolled state would be fairly easy to put into a bedroom with a normal-sized doorway, you could have a hard time getting one like this into your loft.

If for example, you try to fold it whilst pushing it up the pull-down stairs and through the narrow loft entrance, and the mattress springs open unexpectedly whilst you're doing this, it could get jammed in the entryway. Your attempts to free it at this point could lead to the fabric at the mattress's edges fraying or even tearing. Furthermore, the process of pushing such a heavy mattress through the loft whilst standing on a small staircase could be dangerous and may lead to you falling backwards off the stairs and onto the landing during this process.

If you opt for a roll-up mattress, on the other hand, you should be able to slide it up through the loft's entrance without it getting stuck or it causing you to fall down.

Opt for stout furniture if the ceilings are sloped and low

If like many lofts, yours has sloped, low ceilings, then you should ensure that the bedroom furniture that you put into this part of your home is quite stout. The reason for this is as follows; if the furniture that you put in the room is short, this will give those who spend time in the room the impression that the ceilings are higher than they really are, which will then make this place seem spacious.

On a more practical note, having a bed frame which has a height of, for example, less than one foot, will mean that the person who sleeps in it will be less likely to bang their head against the ceiling when they sit up if this bed is positioned under a low sloping part of the loft.

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