3 Reasons to Install Cordless Venetian Blinds

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Many Venetian blinds use a cord opening system. The cord sits at one side of the blinds. You pull the strings up and down to open and close the blinds and lock them into position.

You can, however, install cordless Venetians as an alternative. These blinds use a spring-loaded system that allows you to operate the blinds by pushing a button or by simply pulling them up and down by hand.

What are the advantages of a cord-free system?

1. Better Safety

You may not think that a blind can be dangerous; however, corded products pose some problems. If you have kids or pets at home, then you need to safety-proof hanging cords.

If a child starts messing with the cords on a blind, then they could get entangled in them. Kids might be drawn to playing with theses cables because they are fun. But, if one ends up twisted around a child's neck, then it might strangle them.

Some pets, like cats, can also end up in the same position. Cats like batting ropes and string around and may be attracted to dangling cords.

While you can tie up cords to keep them out of the way, this isn't a fail-safe solution. It also makes the blind less easy to use.

If you install cord-free blinds, then you don't have any hanging strings or cables to worry about. The blind doesn't have any.

2. Easier Opening

Cords pull blinds up and down by drawing on the internal cables that sit at either side of the blinds. Typically, you juggle two pieces of cord to both operate the blinds and to get them level at the bottom. This sounds easier in theory than it often is in practice. For example, it can be hard to pull the cord to get the blinds exactly level. You may end up with one side higher than the other. It's much easier to operate cordless blinds. You either use a button or pull the blind into the right position.

3. A Sleeker Look

Some people don't like to have cords hanging down at the sides of their blinds. They want a more streamlined look. These cables can also be a bit of a pain. If they hang loose, they can get tangled and look messy.

Cordless products are more cosmetically appealing. There are no hanging strings to detract from the way the blinds look.

To find out more about cordless Venetian blinds and their installation, talk to suppliers of Venetian blinds.