Features of Great Security Screens

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Security screens are common construction features in Australia. Many property owners consider installing security doors or window screens due to the protection they provide. The screens provide good air circulation on the premises, another feature that makes them a favourite in construction.

There is an extensive range of security doors that varies depending on various aspects such as the material used in the making or the sizes, shapes and designs. This makes it a daunting task for property owners to choose the right security screens. Below are hacks to help you choose the right security screens for your home or business.


The frames of security screens can be made of either aluminium or steel. Various factors should help you determine the material to settle for. For instance, aluminium is more resistant to corrosion as compared to steel. Therefore, you should consider having the frames of your security screens made of aluminium if you live in a coastal region.

On the other hand, having the grilles and bars made of steel will provide your property with more protection. Even though steel bars will limit the ventilation of your home, you will have a peaceful mind knowing that you are safe from bugs. Most people might have trouble differentiating perforated aluminium from stainless steel as they have much resemblance. The two might look the same, but aluminium does not provide as much security when compared to stainless steel.

The coating

Decide on whether you want your security screens painted or powder-coated. Consider the positives and negatives of both options to see which one outweighs the other. For instance, paint does not do well under the extreme sun as it is not heat-resistant. If you choose to have your screen doors or windows painted, then you should be willing to budget for regular maintenance costs.

Powder-coated security screens are more durable. The coating will not be affected by adverse weather conditions such as sun and rain. Therefore, this might be a cheaper option to go with. However, if you settle for powder-coating, make sure that you do the same to screws and frames to achieve uniformity.

Fire Resistance

When looking for security screens, make sure that you go for those that are fire retardant. With such, fire flames will barely spread in the case of fire accidents happening. 

For more information on features you might want, contact a security screen supplier in your area.