Four Central Tips for Planning to Replace Your Exterior Shutters

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If your exterior shutters are worn out, you should plan for their immediate replacement. Damaged shutters will compromise the aesthetic value of your house. Remember, these window treatments are quite prominent in terms of appearance. In addition, if the windows are in poor condition, they will not provide optimal protection during adverse weather. Here are some simple tips to consider when you're planning to replace your exterior shutters.

Think about Shutter Repair

It is advisable to consider the possibility of repairing your shutters instead of opting for a direct replacement. In some cases, they can be refurbished to restore both function and appeal. This could allow you to minimise your total expenses during the home improvement process. When deciding whether to replace or repair your shutters, you should look at the extent of the damage they have sustained. If the shutters are rotten, water damaged or extensively broken, replacement is the only choice. However, superficial damage like worn paint and missing fasteners can be repaired.

Remove the Worn Out Shutters

If you have to replace your shutters, you should prepare for careful removal. It is important not to be reckless during this process. Simply speaking, you cannot pry the shutters off of your home or pull them out of the frames. If you do, you could cause damage to the window opening. The cost of repairing the additional damage will be high. For the best results, remove the fasteners holding the shutter n place using the appropriate equipment. You can reuse the remaining holes or fill them up with caulk.

Measure Your Windows

You should measure the window opening before purchasing and installing your replacement exterior shutters. This step is essential even if you have a standard window size. Remember, if the framing area is not measured, the shutters will probably not fit cover the window completely. As a result, there could be gaps after the placement of the shutters. Note down the width and length of the window, and provide the information to your vendor or custom shutter maker.

Purchase Replacement Shutters

Finally, you should decide on the specific type of replacement shutters that you would like for your home. The selection process should begin with deciding on the purpose of the features and the ideal materials. For instance, if you would like a functional protective shutter, you will need to choose a strong and durable material like wood. Decorative shutters can be made of vinyl. Then, you should choose an ideal shutter style to match your sense of aesthetics.