The little touch that can make your house a home

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When you first move into or build a house, it can feel a bit sterile as if it is still a display home. It can be hard to shake this feeling and give it a more personal touch, especially without spending tens of thousands of dollars furnishing it. Often it is the little touches that have the most impact both inside and outside the house. If you are trying to give your home a splash of personality that is both functional and looks good, then here is one simple option: awnings.

What Are Awnings?

Awnings are overhanging structures that provide shade and shelter from the elements and are attached to the front of your building. Awnings are often installed above the front and back doors, but they can be installed over windows to reduce glare and splashing from rain or hail. Awnings also come in many different materials from fabric to metal and everything in between. That makes them highly customisable so they can suit any home's design. If you want to give your home a practical extension that won't break the bank and that is totally customisable, then awnings are a great option.


If you aren't fond of fabric awnings, then there are a multitude of different options, including:

  • Wooden: go for a natural look with a wooden awning design. These are great for rural houses or those with brick facades. 
  • Metal: Steel and aluminium are both options for the person who prefers a more industrial and heavy-duty look. Metal can also be painted to blend with your home.
  • Polycarbonate: This is a type of heavy-duty plastic that is see-through and looks great in summer, especially during twilight.

And, if you don't like those options, you can always go back to the classic fabric look. Often fabric awnings are installed on windows because they provide an old fashioned and homely look.


While you can make your own awnings, they are usually of far less quality than those installed by a professional. It is important that you install your awnings correctly, too; otherwise, they can come loose in heavy winds and damage the front of your house. A sturdily installed awning can last for decades with practically no servicing, making it a lovely and durable attachment to your home in any environment. Ask for if your chosen awnings store provides an installation service or if you need to find an additional contractor. Generally, the awning retailers provide a good quality installation services as well.