Why Buy a Laundry Hamper With a Removable Lining?

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As you look at new laundry hampers, you'll see that some products have linings inside. Some hampers have permanent linings; others have removable ones. If you can find a design that you like that has a removable lining, then this feature has some benefits you may find useful. What are they?

Linings Add a Layer of Protection

Linings in laundry hampers can protect both the hamper and the things you put in it. For example, if you buy a wicker laundry hamper, then the bag gives you a useful barrier between the wicker and your clothes. If the wicker gets damaged inside, then it may develop sharp edges or pointed pieces that might poke holes in fabrics. Here, the lining would prevent passing damage on to your clothes. The lining also helps keep the hamper in good condition. For example, if one of your kids puts a muddy rugby kit in the hamper, then the mud may stick to the inside of an unlined hamper. This can be hard to clean off. A lining bag contains the mud. It also contains damp smells from wet laundry like towels and keeps them off the hamper's inner surfaces. While this does mean that the bag may get dirty or a bit smelly, this isn't necessarily a problem if the bag is washable as well as removable. If the bag gets dirty or starts to smell, then you can simply run it through your washing machine. This is a lot easier than trying to clean the inside of the hamper or to make it smell fresh again.

Removable Linings Make Laundry Day Easier

If you can pull the lining out of your hamper, then you get an instant container for your laundry. This may be a lot easier to carry, especially if you've bought a large hamper. You may find it hard to get a large hamper downstairs; it will also be pretty heavy when you add the weight of your clothes to it. Having a ready-made laundry bag inside the hamper also saves you time. You won't need to pull all of the contents of the hamper out to take them to your washing machine. They are already packaged up and ready to go.

So, it may be worth looking at laundry hampers that have removable linings. Some products come with a spare lining bag which is also useful if you do need to wash a dirty one.