The 3 S's For Choosing The Perfect Pool Shade Sail

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Time out in the swimming pool is a lovely way to get out of the summer heat for a while, but it is irritating to get out of the pool between noon and 3.00 pm so that you do not burn during the peak heat of the day. As someone who has decided to have shade sails installed over the pool so that you can swim whenever you want, you are yet to decide on which shade sail works best for your home. These are the three S's to help you select the perfect shade sail for your pool.

1. Shape

The first factor to consider is the shape of the shade sail, and the area you are covering helps to make this decision for you. The main choices for the shade sail shape are rectangle, square and triangle. A triangle is a good choice for a small area because it only requires three fixing points compared to the rectangle and square which need four. If you have the room for four mounting poles, then a four-sided shape works well over any pool since many pools are rectangular. But you do need to remember that the bigger the shade sail, the more chance of it sustaining damage in a summer storm if it is not maintained and kept taut. Ask your shade sail consultant for their opinion on the best shape for your pool area.

2. Sun Shadow

Another point to consider before the shade sail is installed is the sun shadow, and this needs to be studied carefully before you start the groundwork for the sail support poles. During the course of the day, the sun moves from east to west. As it moves, so does the amount of shade thrown over your pool. Additionally, you get sun shade from your house, and also trees on the property. So, for example, if you get morning coverage from your house and trees, then the shade sail should be angled to give the most coverage during the afternoon. 

3. Style 

The final 'S' in your decision stands for style, and that is the cosmetic appearance of your shade sail. Colour choice is the main part of style as you want a hue which complements the colour of your home. The other part of style is the fabric choice. Each fabric offers a different variant of UV protection, so the fabric you choose must have the highest UV rating you can afford so as to protect the skin of your family while they swim.

This year, use these three tips to make the right choice of shade sail for your pool.