Trends to Incorporate In Your Custom Kitchen Design

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Designing a custom kitchen is not for the faint-hearted. Considering that this room is usually touted as the heart of the home, careful planning and meticulous execution need to go to the redesigning of the space if you are going to create a room that is functional, appealing and of immense value to the home. Once you pick out the right places to focus on, the redesign of your kitchen can take as little as a day, but if you have never embarked on a kitchen redesign before, you can be hard-pressed to know where to start. This piece illuminates a few of the trends that you can incorporate in your custom made kitchen design.

Copper accents

Copper may be associated with traditional kitchen designs, but this metal can be a great inclusion to a contemporary kitchen, too. The thing about copper is that the warmness of the metal adds a hearty touch to your kitchen. Furthermore, there is a wide range of ways that you can use this metal in your custom kitchen, too! For instance, if you do not want permanent copper accents, then you can choose to have copper-plated appliances to add this warmth to the space. Alternatively, copper countertops make a unique yet functional addition to your kitchen too.

Leafy fronds

In this day and age when indoor-outdoor living has become one of the top design trends in Australian homes, you should consider creating this ambiance in your kitchen, too. However, this does not translate into knocking out an entire wall to access the exterior of your home. Instead, consider the inclusion of the outdoors right into your kitchen via the strategic placement of leafy fronds. Plants such as the monstera deliciosa add greenery to the room and do not need heavy-duty maintenance to thrive. On the other hand, if you want hassle-free plants that will barely need any watering, opt for succulents that can be placed on windowsills, kitchen islands and even on your countertops!

Blonde timbers

While most people assume that timber should never feature in the kitchen, this presumption is not entirely correct. Incorporating timber accents in your kitchen will add a rustic charm that is difficult to achieve with other supplies. One of the most significant trends is the use of blonde timbers that brighten up the room by reflecting light. For instance, if you want wood cabinetry, countertops or even bar stools, choose species such as the Australian beech or blackbutt to complement the overall aesthetic. Take note that the timber should be coated with polyurethane to protect it from moisture while retaining its blonde appearance.