Paving Options for Your Home's New Patio

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If you are thinking about laying a new patio in your garden or proposing to make a terrace, then there are a huge range of options available to you. Before you head off to your local paving supplier to choose a material, it is worth considering just how the end product will look once it has been installed. After all, most patios and terraces are designed to be long-lasting, so you don't want to end up regretting your choice of material after only a few months. What are the common patio materials in use in Australian gardens these days?

Concrete Slabs

Some people are put off from the idea of concrete tiles and slabs because they think that they will only be able to achieve a grey and rather monotonous look. Although concrete slabs are favoured for paving the side of the road because they are so durable, not all concrete installations need to look utilitarian. These days, concrete tiles of the sort you might find in a stylish kitchen are also made for exterior use. Bear in mind that tiles are not as heavy to lift as thick slabs, which makes them easier to install and make patterns with, too. Stained concrete tiling can be bought in numerous colours and tones, so you are not stuck with a dreary elephant grey, either.


Although it is not as hard wearing as slate or concrete, sandstone has a soft look which is rather pleasing on the eye. Many people like sandstone because it often has a marbled effect running through it, which looks chic in a modern setting. However, bear in mind that sandstone can be light in colour and it, therefore, sometimes reflects too much sunlight back up onto your face. As such, it is best for a shaded or semi-shaded spot rather than for a sun terrace where it will bake all day long.


The great thing about bricks which have been laid on their side to create a patio is that the whole thing will look elegant and timeless. Because bricks have been used for centuries to create a sturdy section of ground outside, you can't really go wrong with most sorts of architectural styles. In fact, brickwork can be adjusted to form different patterns on the ground with herringbone being one of the most traditional looks, which is still remarkably popular. Due to their smaller size, however, laying a brickwork patio is more labour intensive than other options.