2 steps to take to prevent your new cat from damaging your home and garden

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If you have recently acquired a cat, here are some steps you can take to ensure that your new pet doesn't end up damaging your home and garden. 

1. Use mesh to protect your fish pond from your cat

If you have a fish pond in your garden, it's important to be aware of the fact that its contents (i.e. the fish that reside in the water) will probably attract the attention of your new cat, if you allow your pet to wander around outside. Whilst it is unlikely that your pet will dive into the pond (as most cats dislike getting wet), they will probably attempt to capture or play with the fish, by dipping their paws into the water.

This could lead to two issues; firstly, your cat may actually end up catching and killing some of your fish, in which case you may have to buy replacement fish. Secondly, if you keep ornaments or floating plant pots in your pond, there is a risk that your cat may inadvertently knock over and break these items whilst attempting to reach the fish in the water.

The best way to prevent these issues from arising is to order a roll of mesh from one of your local mesh suppliers, and then either place this mesh directly over the water or around the perimeter of the pond. You should only opt for the latter if your new cat is quite old or feeble and will not be physically able to jump over the mesh.

2. Invest in a scratching post

Most cats do not need a lot of toys to keep themselves entertained. However, it is worth investing in a large scratching post for your new pet. The reason for this is that virtually all cats have an urge to scratch things. This behaviour is often the result of a cat needing to sharpen their claws, to mark a particular item with their scent or because they find the sensation itself satisfying.

If you do not buy a scratching post, your cat may end up looking for other ways to satisfy their urge to scratch, and in doing so, may end up damaging your home.

For example, in the absence of this item, they may dig their claws into your curtains (and subsequently end up pulling the curtains down from the rail), leave scratch marks on your wooden furniture and loose threads on your upholstered furniture, and creating a large hole in any rattan rugs or storage baskets you have lying around your property.