How to Send the Right Message With the Right Type of Flower

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Some people think that the typically red-blooded Australian male is only concerned with manly pastimes, sporting activities and a night out with their mates. They may not be known for their sentimentality and may not understand how nice it is to give a romantic gift to their long-term partner. However, you know differently, and with Valentine's Day fast approaching, you have decided to give the gift of flowers. However, you are certainly not an expert in this area, and don't want to do the wrong thing, so why should you stick to one specific species of flower to help you send the right message?

You Can't Go Wrong

The humble rose is an all-round star when it comes to expressing yourself in floral terms. You can choose to send a particular message by selecting the appropriate number of flowers, and most importantly, the colour.

Love You!

As Valentine's Day is on your mind, you should certainly choose the red rose in this case. It is known to be a symbol of undying love, and especially if you send the traditional bunch composed of a dozen stems.

Many Happy Returns

Once you have done this and received the appropriate accolade, you'll be able to turn to the rose again in the future. For example, somebody's birthday may be next on the calendar, and in this case you can either send yellow roses or an assortment of different colours. These are perfect as a centrepiece when people gather around to celebrate.

Giving Thanks

Choose some dark pink roses if you want to send your appreciation to somebody who has gone out of their way to help you. It's the time-honoured way of saying thank you and is sure to be well received.

Sad Times

Not every occasion is a joyous one, of course and if you want to send your sympathy to somebody who has suffered a bereavement, rose delivery can come to your rescue as well. In this case, white flowers are probably best, but if you are sending support to somebody who just needs it due to life's uncertainty, you could send a vibrant bunch of roses to cheer them up.

Making Sure

Before you actually go ahead and buy your gift, make sure that you run it past the florist first, just in case you do make a mistake and send the wrong message. After all, you don't want to reinforce those incorrect stereotypes if you can help it!