Follow These Tips to Keep Your Blinds in Perfect Condition All the Time

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Blinds are one of the most effective types of window covering. When they are well selected and properly installed, blinds can offer you years of endless service. On the other hand, if the blinds are not maintained as they should, you will find yourself dealing with endless repairs and replacements. Here are three tips which can help you clean and maintain your blinds without the need to take them down.


The secret to keeping your window coverings looking as good as new lies in dusting them all the time. When you are doing the general cleaning around the house, take a duster or other piece of cloth meant for mopping and use it to dust the blinds. Simply beat the blinds till all the dirt adhering to them comes off. Regular dusting ensures that dirt does not stick to the material, which leads to permanent stains.


This is the type of cleaning that you give to your blinds once every week. It is more thorough than dusting, and the aim is to make sure that all the dirt which might not have been removed by the regular dusting is taken care of. Vacuuming is a convenient way to clean the blinds because you do not even have to remove them from their position on the windows. As long as you have functional upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner, you will get the blinds to the level of cleanness which you want.

Spot cleaning

This is done when stains start developing on different patches of the blinds. To perform spot cleaning, take a soft sponge and dip it in warm, soapy water. Ensure that the sponge soaks in the water and the detergent before using it to pat the area which has the stain. Wait for the spot to soak in the water and the detergent, and after a few minutes, the stain will start dissolving. Blot gently and wait for the fabric to dry in the air. Take care not to wrinkle the fabric or to use too much water as it might ruin the appearance of the fabric.

These are simple cleaning alternatives which are available at home. If the blinds have extensive stains which need a lot of care, think about other cleaning methods such as ultrasonic cleaning and water immersion cleaning if the blinds can be cleaned with water. Serious stains should be handled by experts in the care of blinds.