Considering a Shower Screen? 3 Types of Glass You Can Choose

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If you are looking to add a touch of sophistication while enhancing the ambience of your bathroom, you may want to consider getting rid of your old shower curtain and replacing it with a glass shower screen. Not only are these shower screens stunning, but they are also much easier to keep clean and free of microbes. This makes glass shower screens ideal for any bathroom. However, some people just choose the first glass shower screen that they come across. Before settling for one, read on to know the different types of glass and which would add a different kind of visual interest to your bathroom. Below are some of the different types of glass that you can consider for your shower screen.

Clear shower screens

This is one of the most common types of glass used for shower screens. It should be noted that this type of glass is not made from annealed glass. In fact, all glass shower screens will make use of tempered or toughened glass, so as to ensure that they are impact resistant. Standard clear glass for your shower screen is suitable for people who are looking to make their bathroom appear brighter, as it will reflect the light that is available to the room. Moreover, the clear glass will not create boundaries in the bathroom, which ensures your bathroom does not look smaller once the shower screen is installed.

Acid etched shower screens

If you would like glass that will make your shower screen stand out, then you could consider acid etched glass. As the name suggests, patterns and designs will be etched directly onto the glass to enhance the appearance of the shower screen while also providing you with privacy. You also have the option of choosing your own bespoke designs for your acid etching for a customised appearance. Another reason why acid etched glass shower screens are popular is that they offer more privacy than clear glass but do not compromise on the amount of lighting that your bathroom receives.

Sandblasted shower screens

The process of sandblasting entails finishing the surface of the glass to create a frosted appearance. The amount of sandblasting that the glass is exposed to is what will determine how opaque or translucent that your shower screen is.  Sandblasting can be coupled with acid etching to ensure the utmost privacy while still creating beautiful designs on your glass shower screens.