Benefits Of A Granite Kitchen Countertop

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When it's time to choose the countertop material for your kitchen renovation, there are numerous kitchen benchtop options to consider. From manufactured laminate to natural stone, you can go in various ways. One popular bench to consider is granite. Here are several advantages of granite.

Brings The Beauty Of Nature Indoors

Granite results from volcanic activity many thousands of years ago. This activity imbued the rock with diverse colours and veining. This irregularity of tones and patterns means that no two slabs are the same; your granite countertop will be unique and unrepeatable. Granite brings nature indoors with an ambience that evokes a timeless elegance. 

Natural Colour and Pattern Variety 

Because granite is available in diverse colours, you can harmonise it with your kitchen decor. Possible hues include black, crimson, purple, pink, yellow and grey. You can select a more evenly toned rock or one which displays divergent blues and rusts, for instance. Thus, your counter can become the main focal point, or you can make it more subdued. 

Mixes With Various Materials And Styles

Granite coordinates well with various other materials and kitchen styles. Even if you remodel in the future, you can redesign around the benchtop. You can pair it with smooth laminate cupboards to contrast a flat, patterned surface. Or else, combine the stone with timber cabinets for a sumptuous decor. Because you can go with a shiny or matte finish, you can give your stone with different looks. To evoke luxury, shine it to a mirror finish, or for rustic appeal, leave it rougher.

Granite pavers can look lovely across floors, both inside and outdoors, for kitchens, bathrooms and any other rooms. Also, for patios, driveways, pool areas and steps, granite is ideal. With this versatility, you can create cohesion in your home by repeating the natural stone in various places. In the kitchen area, you could repeat the granite across the splashback area.

Durable And Resilient

Granite is famous for its durability and resilience; some ancient structures using this stone are still standing today. It's impervious to heat and able to withstand extreme temperatures. However, natural expansion and contraction resulting from temperature changes can cause cracks, so it's best to avoid placing hot objects directly on top without trivets. While granite is less porous than marble, it is still somewhat porous and susceptible to staining from spilled liquids. So make sure to reseal it regularly to create a hygienic surface. Kitchen wholesale options should provide a range of benchtops at attractive prices for you to consider.