Take the Stress Out of Moving House

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Moving house can be a stressful time but also a rewarding one. By using some simple tips and the services of a reputable moving service, you can take a lot of the stress out of the process.

Start in good time

There is no point sorting through your possessions the night before the move. You should start sorting things some time before the move — preferably a couple of months — and start packing things that will not be needed in the meantime.

Have a clearout

Most people accumulate a lot of possessions that they will never use, and transporting these from house to house just adds to the time and expense. Have a good sort out, and send any unused clothes, toys or other belongings to a charity shop or take the opportunity to sell them online.

Pack carefully

Put your belongings in clearly labelled boxes so that you will know what is in each box and which room they should be unpacked in your new house. Make sure fragile items are wrapped carefully in bubble wrap or other packing material.

Consider using a packing service

Many house removal services will also offer a packing service and will ensure that your belongings are safely and securely boxed up and transported. They can also unpack for you at the other end, leaving you free to get on with settling in.

Clean up

Leaving your house in a clean condition not only benefits its new occupants, but it will also stop you from worrying if there was anything you should have done before leaving. It might be worth hiring a professional cleaning service, or your removal company may offer a cleaning service themselves.

Keep essentials with you

Pack an overnight bag with a change of clothes and any toiletries or medication that you will need. Tea bags or coffee and a few snacks won't go amiss either.

Unpack gradually

Don't do everything in one go. Just unpack the essentials and a few items to make it feel like home, and start your new life by relaxing. Just make sure you don't still have unpacked boxes months later, which is a sure sign that you didn't really need their contents. Remember, your removal company may offer an unpacking service.

With a bit of organisation and help from your removal service, your move can be a stress-free adventure and the start of a new life.