Advice for Remodelling Your Entire Home

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Nearly every homeowner in Australia has taken on some domestic remodelling project or other, even if they have appointed a contractor to do the actual work for them. This may be manageable enough on a room-by-room basis but what happens if you want to remodel the entire property in one go?

People decide that a complete overhaul of the interior design and layout of their home is needed for many different reasons. Perhaps your life circumstances have changed, maybe you have just bought a place with dated décor throughout or it could be that you simply want a wholesale change? Whatever the reason for wanting to undertake a remodelling project of your whole home, consider the following points before you even make a start. 

Do You Need Design Help?

Many people are confident that they can proceed with smaller projects in their home without professional help. However, design assistance from an interior consulting firm can really be beneficial if you truly want to make the most of your home's full footprint. They'll be able to come up with design suggestions which you may never have considered. Even if you don't choose them all, it can be a good process to go through because, in the end, you choose to take the action that really suits your sense of style having thoroughly considered all of the options.

Will You Move Out?

Whole house remodelling projects create disruption to normal daily life. Moving out temporarily may help you to stay sane. In addition, not living in a home which has become a building site means being able to get the work done faster. With more room to work in, your redecorating team can get on with the job which, ultimately, results in a lower level of expenditure overall.

What About Altering the Layout?

Redecorating every room in your home is one thing, but altering the layout is quite another. Have you considered the merits of knocking out walls to make larger living spaces, for example? Will you steal some upstairs room from a corridor or part of a bedroom to add an en-suite? The time to make these plans is before you start with any remodelling work because you may end up reversing your previous design decisions otherwise which is both costly and time-consuming.

Set Your Budget

Without a budget – even a nominal one – it is easy to lose track of costs. Multi-room projects take a lot of precision to manage from the point of view of expenditure, so it is well worth setting individual budgets for the interior design of each room. This way, you won't blow all of your bank balance on your kitchen and have nothing left over for your bedrooms or bathroom.