How to Choose Outdoor Furniture for Your Office Atrium

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If your new office has an atrium, then you may want to put some luxury outdoor furniture in the space. While you may be used to choosing regular office furniture like desks and chairs, you may not have furnished this kind of space before.

How can you decide what to put in your atrium?

Who Will Use the Space?

Atriums are used in different ways. For example, your atrium could do any of the following:

  • Act as a connecting walk-through within your offices.
  • Work as a reception area for visitors and clients.
  • Act as a recreational area where employees can take a break or eat their lunch.

The furniture you put in an atrium needs to work for its purpose. For example, if your atrium doubles up as your reception, then you need some comfortable seating, like sofas or chairs, for visitors to sit on. A few low tables to hold company literature and reading materials will also be useful.

However, if your employees will use the atrium as a break spot, then you may want to mix up comfortable seating with some table and chair sets where people can eat their lunches or have a coffee comfortably.

Is the Atrium Covered or Open?

Once you have an idea of the type of outdoor furniture you'll put in the atrium, you need to consider the conditions in the space.

For example, if your atrium is covered over with a glass ceiling, then you don't need to worry about how furniture copes with different weather conditions. However, if your atrium is open to the elements, then you have to factor weather in.

Furniture in an open atrium doesn't just have to look good and do the right job. It also has to be able to withstand issues like rain and wind. In this case, you should look for outdoor furniture that isn't going to fall apart quickly if it gets wet or that is heavy enough not to get blown over on a windy day.

If design isn't your thing, then you may need some help in choosing the right type of furniture for your atrium. These spaces are also often quite roomy and can be hard to fill. You need some design skills to get furniture in the space effectively.

To get some help and save time, why not hire a luxury outdoor furniture consultant? They can help you choose the right atrium pieces and organise them so that they make your atrium look great.